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Going Kotlin for Android Development

At Google I/O 2017, Kotlin was announced as the new coding alternative for Android Platform. Kotlin is an open source statically-typed programming language developed by JetBrains. Providing full compatibility with Java, it runs on the Java Virtual Machine, enables to write less code, has readable syntax and can be compiled to JavaScript source code. With Kotlin on Google Cloud Platform portal, Google focuses to make it easier for developers to find the resources related to Kotlin on Google Cloud.

Key Benefits of developing Android Applications using Kotlin can be listed as below:

Mature Language and Environment:
The Kotlin release has gone through many stages before releasing the final 1.0 release. The IDE plugin works smoothly and already allows many of the features that you love and use in Java.

Enhanced Development Speed with Less Boiler Plate Coding:
Programming with Kotlin requires approximately 20% less coding compared to Java. Thus, helping Android developers to make their task simple, quick and efficient. Kotlin uses various handy tricks and methods to help you significantly reduce the extra lines of codes and create relatively smaller file sizes.

Easier for Developers to Setup, Learn and Adapt:
It is a very simple language compared to Java with lean and intuitive syntax enabling developers to learn it quickly. App Code Debugging is as well fast and easier with Kotlin. Kotlin seamlessly integrates with Android Studio, hence setting up a project in Kotlin using Android Studio is fast and simple.

Interoperable and 100% Compatibility with Java:
Kotlin is positioned as a 100% Java-interoperable programming language. It allows using the Java frameworks and libraries in your new Kotlin projects by using advanced frameworks without any need to change the whole project in Java. You can compile the project using both Java and Kotlin languages. Developers can use features of Kotlin without changing any code for the existing project or switch to a new project.

Open Source Language and Free of Cost:
As an open source language under Apache 2, you just need a Java-to-Kotlin converter tool if you want to convert your present java files. This tool is useful to change your complex codes into a simper code thus helping you to save your time and work. Kotlin supports the open developer networks and the strength of open source makes the network strong which is not restricted to any single company. This excellent programming language for Android App development is available just for free.

Extremely Safe & Secure Language:
Kotlin's code is more concise, therefore it goes without saying that a concise, compact, and clear code is implicitly a safer code with fewer crashes and reduced number of system failures. NullPointerExceptions (NPE) has been one of the most common causes of app crash. Fixing the NullPointerExceptions and protecting your code using null checks is quite a time-consuming and daunting task for developers. But with Kotlin, NPE is a thing of past as null safety comes baked into the language’s type system. Kotlin comes with a smarter and safer compiler that helps in detecting errors easily on runtime. It perform lot of checks to reduce run time errors & number of bugs in code.

Multi-Platform Development Support hence highly Versatile:
Kotlin was created with JVM in mind so it can virtually be used on any device that can run JVM. Kotlin JS can be used to do Front End Development. With Gradle support, you can write gradle files in Kotlin. With Kotlin Native, the future is open to basically any platform, it paves way to build iOS applications as well.
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